but don?t know how to start?

Starting a building project can be very confusing. Just getting the needed information and estimates for the final decision to start the project can be quite a challenge. So many choices, such a lot of factors to consider ? and then all the red tape. Now there?s a simple way to find out the facts and get independent professional estimates without committing yourself to anything.

For a short while, we are offering a completely free service called the Feasibility Analysis Interview ? and you get to ask an Architect anything you like to find out what you need to be able to decide whether to start your project or not... and when to start it.

We can honestly say that many times information received before the project can save you a lot of money. This is why we offer the interview completely free of charge and with no obligation. We understand you?re not ready to commission the planning of the building ? and that you may never use an Architect at all.

Call us at 337.233-0614 to talk to an Architect at no charge or you can fill out the form below and have one of us call you back. You CAN get the information you need from a top construction expert so much faster and easier!
So, why not use the opportunity?


Online Feasibility Analysis Interview

Our Online Feasibilty Analysis Interview will give us the information we need to assist you. Our Starter Package service is all based on the individual requirements of our Clients, so we need your interview answers to find out what benefits, if any, you would get from our service. The interview takes 15-20 minutes to complete, and once complete, we will contact you and let you know if our Starter Package is right for you.

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General Information

  1. What type of construction project have you been considering ? is it expanding an existing building, a totally new building, renovation or what? (What project did you have in mind when you wanted more information about our services?)

  2. Have you set a time when to start this project or have you envisioned when you would want the project to be completed?

  3. Has starting of the project been authorized or decided as of yet ? or are you still gathering information and data so that a final decision could be made on the project?

  4. Do you currently have some Professional Engineer, Architect or a planning company that has been selected to handle the project planning? Is there someone you have been thinking to give the job to?

  5. Have you decided to use an Architect for this project or were you first thinking of having it done without one, just giving it to a building contractor directly?

  6. WITH LARGER PROJECTS: Have you at this point already solved the financing?
    Building fund exists ? been saving & planning this for some time now?
    Own the land on which building should be erected?

  7. What information is needed before one can make a definite decision about a building project?
    And what is needed before a decision about starting the construction of the building is made?

  8. Our Starter Package Service. Could you let me know on each point how important or necessary you personally consider that point for yourself?

       1   |   2   |    3   
    Rate the following from 1 to 3, with 3 representing a point that you consider to be very important to yourself.

    | |
    You get sufficient correct data to be able to make a definite decision about the project (data such as cost, schedule, quality level, permits, etc.)

    | |
    The building is designed to fit your needs ? such as space requirements, work-stations, communication lines, etc.? right from the beginning, thus taking out the element of chance from the project

    | |
    You can at all times consult a professional about cost efficiency of your own additional ideas for the building

    | |
    Professionals double-check to ensure that no important quality or feature is forgotten or left out of the future building

    | |
    All necessary paperwork and communication with municipal or county officials is taken care of for you and you get the needed permits a.s.a.p.

    | |

    The technical requirements of the project -- such as soil exploration, Zoning Ordinance regulations, Floor Area ratio, etc. -- are preliminary checked before deciding on the project so you know what can be done and get a better idea of the cost???

    | |
    Prior to the actual start of construction, we give you a specific standard quote forms to use for asking bids from various construction companies, making it easier to find a reliable contractor

    | |
    By having the planning done by an independent Architect, the agreed upon quality specifications and the schedule of the project are easier to control and maintain

    | |

    By having an independent Architect checking out that the contractor abides by the plans, the managing of the project becomes less hectic for yourself and keeping the schedule with the set quality criteria will be achieved with more certainty

    | |
    Energy conservation is planned for from the start, thus reducing the energy and maintenance costs of the future building

    | |
    The spaces within the building are planned for multi purpose use availability, taking into account the future developments of your business

    | |
    Work efficiency is taken into consideration in the space allocation, corridors, connecting work stations and the building in general

  9. How correct or incorrect would you consider the following statement: Using an Architect from the start saves the owner many problems and actually lowers the total cost of the project.

  10. How important would you personally feel that your future building would have a good visual appearance with a high profile and company image?

  11. Do you think it is true that using an Architect in a building project would most likely guarantee a higher technical and architectural quality for the building?

  12. Do you think that the actual planning ? from the drawing board to the selection of various materials, setting of quality standards for the builders, etc. ? would in fact greatly influence the usefulness, longevity and future resale value of the building itself?


  1. Are there any kinds of drawings done on this project as of yet? Is there an Approved Site Plan?

  2. Do you have a building permit ? or has an application been filed with the municipal/county building officials?

    Do you have a lot? Lot size:
    Land Development / Zoning Ordinance checked? %
    F.A.R. (Floor Area Ratio) known? %
    Is there anything else about permits I should know at this time?

  3. Do you have any kind of sketches (computer or hand drawn) of what the completed building would or should look like?
    If not, any other visions written down?

  4. Do you have any sketches on how the future building will fit into the landscape and surrounding buildings and elements?

  5. Has the quality level of the building been determined and a price estimate per square foot obtained?

  6. Do you have the data you need for calculating the actual budget of the project?
  7. IF YES: How far have you advanced in the project?
       Gathering data and finding contacts to determine starting and schedule of the project
       Basics for asking for bids from contractors
       Request for bids mailed out to various builders
       Comparing received bids
       Clarifications and specifications about the bids
       Contractor selected

  8. 2.8 What would you need to move forward in this project?